Auckland GPs and friends raise money for Anxiety New Zealand

By Dr Joey Siu, Auckland GP

10 March 2023

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On 5 March, I ran Auckland Round the Bays with a small team in support of Anxiety New Zealand,

We chose this organisation based on positive feedback from patients and colleagues. One of our team members, Jacky, has recently joined Anxiety NZ as a helpline volunteer.

“I have personally witnessed one of the many ways this wonderful organisation allocates its resources. My experience on their helpline has reminded me that anxiety continues to remain prevalent in all domains of life, but with evidence-based strategies, people can become equipped with tools to manage their anxiety within just ten minutes,” Jackey says.

On the day we soaked up the sun and got a kick from the positive energy amongst the crowds. We want to express our sincere gratitude once again to all donors for their kindness and support towards making a difference.

Trying to fill the gap in the mental health system is a growing challenge within primary care. Special organisations like Anxiety NZ have been around for a while, helping provide support and relief to those struggling with mental health. Their efforts as well as those of other community mental health providers cannot be understated.

On average one-in-four people in Aotearoa experiences anxiety, depression, panic attacks, OCD, or phobias. Just in the past month, we’ve witnessed the direct physical and psychological impacts of the flooding and Cyclone Gabrielle, on top of the deep mental scars left by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Auckland RTB 2023
Jacky Siu, Alejandro Fandino, Joey Siu (OneHealth, Health New Lynn), Kent Yip, Janna Lamb, Charlotte Chapman (Henderson Medical)