Northland Faculty Te Pūtahi art event

By Tanya Quin, Northland Faculty Chair

24 May 2023

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I often wonder why we don't have enough Māori doctors in Te Tai Tokerau, and other regions similar to ours. I imagine there are pressures and expectations I don't understand.

I have waited for this to change. I have waited for answers. This year, I stopped waiting and have looked to my region as a place to celebrate and looked to myself to make a change.

What we do have is art and Māori artists to help guide our GPs to find inspiration. The Quarry Gardens in Whangarei is an earthy space, and clay is a diverse and forgiving medium.

What I have is the ability to use this art and space to bring Māori GPs together due to a great faculty and excellent hospital relationships to support creating such an event.

This day 'filled the wairua cup' which leaves me with the understanding that my role is not to wonder why but just to take care of my GP mates and embrace what is great about our region.

So, look out for next year's Te Pūtahi art event - to enhance wellbeing for Māori doctors by immersing in Te Ao Māori through art and check out this year's photos above and below.

Northland Art day photo 2