November 2023

29 November 2023

Category: GP Voice


In this issue of GP Voice:

News from the College:

  • Editorial
  • 50 years of the College
  • Smoking and Vaping Position Statement
  • Action for Health and Climate Update
  • Your Work Counts
  • Research funding
  • Spotlight on the National Advisory Council
  • Mentoring Skills Workshop

Views of our Fellows:

  • Mind This: Review of HDC cases
  • Meet Dr Laura Pfeifer
  • NZ Menopause Survey
  • Not just a GP
  • I'm Ralph, I'm Dad

Voices of the sector:

  • WONCA World Conference
  • Effects of El Niño on asthma
  • Reducing the risk of dementia
  • Parkrun initiative
  • CQI Module at Amuri Community Health Centre