August 2023

31 August 2023

Category: GP Voice


In this issue of GP Voice:

News from the College
  • Editorial
  • 50 years of the College
  • Meet Greville Wood
  • Fellowships & Awards 2023
  • Policy, Advocacy, and Insights
  • Spotlight on the Pasifika Chapter
  • 2023 Greg Judkins Poetry Competition
Views of our Fellows
  • Mind This: HDC adenoid tumour
  • Te Roopu Whakatipu: A personal reflection on teaching culturally diverse GPEP1 registrars
  • World Breastfeeding Week: Ways to enable breastfeeding
Voices of the Sector
  • Asthma: a potential win-win for patients, society and the climate
  • Many ways to give this ΢ҕl Day
  • Equity Module at Fifth Avenue
  • Making a difference with mātauranga Māori